Partial Discharge Testing

Partial discharges are tiny electrical sparks that take place within the insulation of medium to high voltage equipment. Each discrete partial discharge is the result of an electrical breakdown of an air pocket within the insulation. These discharges erode insulation and eventually result in insulation failure.
One of the leading causes of electrical failures is insulation breakdown, which according to the National Electrical Code (NEC), is directly caused by the occurrence of partial discharge. The equipment that are then affected by this insulation deterioration and suffer the greatest losses are the cables, switchgear, and transformers within the associated electrical grid.
For more than 35 years, Industrial Tests, Inc. has performed Partial Discharge Testing on electrical components as part of an ongoing predictive maintenance program, so that your company may continually thrive in an industry that poses so many uncertainties and potential hazards. Our expert Engineers and Technicians gather Data obtained through Partial Discharge Testing and make informed decisions on the quality of your equipments’ insulation. Partial discharge testing results can help predict future performance and reliability of critical assets, including:
  • Cables, splices, and terminations
  • Power transformers and bushings
  • Switchgear
  • Motors and generators
Partial discharge testing is a crucial step in determining the current health of your electrical infrastructure, and its related assets facilitating the day-to-day activities. The Partial Discharge Test determines the level of operability and ensures maximum uptime. Another advantage that this test yields is the ability to yield critical information establishing which maintenance resources to the areas that require the most attention. It doesn’t matter what your facilities specific operating requirements and application are, Industrial Tests, Inc. can guide you in developing and implementing the most efficient combination of your electrical assets, to meet your maintenance and economic requirements.
Industrial Tests, Inc.’s fully integrated Partial Discharge Testing, Monitoring, and Interpretative solutions include on-line and off-line testing, as well as continuous and periodic monitoring of your electrical system. Our NETA Certified Engineers and Electrical Technicians can develop a customized program that best fits your needs.
Some of our Partial Discharge Testing solutions offered:
  • On-line Partial Discharge Testing
  • Off-line Partial Discharge Testing
  • Hand-held Survey
  • Periodic Partial Discharge Testing
  • Continuous On-line Monitoring
  • Tan-Delta
  • Ultrasonics